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Nederlanse Vereniging van Houtagenten

Oomens Timber Products BV is a Dutch timber agency affiliated with The Netherlands Association of Timber Agents (NATA). We represent birch and poplar plywood producers from Italy and a radiata pine sawmill from New Zealand.

Our customers are located in the whole of Europe, but mainly in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. All our partners are FSC and/or PEFC-certified.

Our partners are :


Tenon Clearwood is a privately owned sawmilling and remanufacturing operation based in Taupo, New Zealand. Surrounded by thousands of hectares of sustainably grown forests, Tenon Clearwood is one of New Zealand’s largest global exporters of radiata clearwood products.

Radiata pine is recognised internationally as being suitable for a wide range of uses due to its favourable sawing, drying, treatment, finishing and machining characteristics.

After processing radiata pine is suitable for a multitude of end users including cladding, decking, construction and modification purposes.

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San Giorgio

The Italian company San Giorgio specialises in birch plywood coated with phenolic film, especially conceived for the road transport industry, and in birch plywood specifically designed and optimised for laser cutting.

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Invernizzi is a leading manufacturer of 100% Italian poplar plywood and poplar particleboard. This plywood and particleboard can be used in a variety of applications such as decor and design, building industry, transport vehicles, packaging, exhibition stands and theatre wings.

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Nobilpan S.p.a.

The love for wood and its infinite resources was where Nobilpan began. Based on its experience and reliability, the company, founded 45 years ago, is today the ideal partner to choose for laminating wood-based panels.

Nobilpan specialises in flat lamination with different coatings such as CPL, PPL, PVC, PET, finish foil papers and HPL in foil and in roll.

Fields of application: automotive, caravans, boat-building, doors, furniture and fittings, and DIY.

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